• NEOS Trading LLC


    Let's work together introducing

    your product on crowdfunding

  • What we do

    Why NEOS Trading?

    Our Mission

    Our team has done many crowdfunding products for international manufacturers in the last 3 years.



    Our Success↓↓






    Let's introduce wonderful products to Japanese people effectively!

    Our Team

    Our business consultant Hideaki Otake,who is Makuake’s official partner will guide us to maximize the funding amount in Makuake. Our team accomplished over 400 million yen in total sales in Makuake.

  • Our Strength

    What we can only do

    Open the business

    to B2B

    Strong connection

    we will approach TV media and major retailers such as Yodobashi,BicCamera, Loft, and TSUTAYA

    Tokyo Gift Show

    Exhibit the product to promote

    We will exhibit your product at the Tokyo Gift Show in Japan to promote.

    About 200,000 buyers will come and we will connect your product to retailers in Japan

    Sales Force

    Protecting the value of your brand

    Analyze the market accurately and maximize your brand in Japan

    while protecting the value of your brand and price of products.



    Targeted and effective advertising

    Google, Yahoo,Youtube advertisement

    Sufficient Marketing Tools

    Advertising Specialist

    Facebook, Instagram,and other influencers.

    Quick Decision Making​

    Speedy expansion

    We make sure we can contribute speedy expansion of your brand